Monday, September 1, 2014

Are videogames art?

this is something asked quite a few times to those that do not think video games are poison. however almost everything created is art. I'm pretty sure you could call some kinds of math art depending on what mathematician you ask.

the really question is "are video games fine art?". Will video games create its Mona Lisa or its citizen Kane? i would say yes but maybe not in the way some may think. when people talk of "art games" they usually think of the graphics/art style or the story/writing and while these can help i think we should judge a game's value not by its graphics or story, but by its game play. video games are an interactive media and should be critiqued as such and while it is true that video games with bad story or graphics can distract quite a lot, in the end the big deal breaker (in my opinion) is the game play. if id want to watch a movie id dust up my DVD player and watch the big lebowski for the ubteen bazillion time.

 but video games are much different as a form of art because it uses almost all other arts. it uses graphics, music, writing and maths. what is left that only games can deliver? the game play and that is why it is the focus. I have no problems with games like heavy rain which plays more like an interactive movie but it and games like "The walking Dead" are games focusing mostly on the story but those two games and more do something that a movie could never do and that is give choice to the player. when you watch a movie sometimes people say "no don't go there!" well in video games you can choose to not go there or do so. that is why even tough The walking dead as little focus on game play it is still a good game because choice is the game play and it is very well defined. or take a game like "Super time force" a game with a simple story and retro graphics that may be great in terms of game play but not much else. but the game play that is there is so refined and perfectly designed it is masterful in its execution just like another game.

Shovel knight. this humble little game has a simple but great, progressive story and game play that takes all that has been learned to not change it. but refine it into its purest most polished form.Then there are games like Shadow of the colossus which offers a great story and great gigantic game play.

so to wrap up. all these games i mentioned have something in common. they are designed with their mechanics and quirks in mind in order to bring the best experience to the player and those are what i would call "art games"

thank you very much for reading this have a great evening and i will see you next time,
Mickio Tanerdum

Monday, June 9, 2014

I have a tumblr now!?

so yea i just made a tumblr page. why? because blogger is a bit confusing and im not that popular on it so i tought to try and go for something more modern and see what's gonna happen. now dont worry guys i might still post here once in a while but for the most part just go there:

its gonna be a small post because i have finals to study and all that crap so yea. just move to there and anyway i know theres only like 1 dude here who has me in his favorites ( i love you person who has me in his favourites bar) so yea.

this was mickio tanerdum, signing out.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

The lego movie

...i sat there, bewildered and wondering one thing: Wot?

if you havent guessed i just watched "Lego the Movie" a movie wich the internet got crazy over for a while. this movie about legos, little plastic building bricks actually made me cry. then i wondered "why did i cry at such a scene" it isnt a particularly sad scene and actually its a really heartwarming scene. but its more than that, it really strung some of my chords but i guess i need to go back a bit.

now before i just want to say that this next part is going to be filled with SPOIIIILERS!!! ALERT SPOILERS!

now thats out of the way time for a synopsis: so emmett is a standart constuction worker living in a town rulled by "president business" but one day while following a strange and lovely girl emmett falls down a hole and finds some kind of red brick thing. later on he meets a prohet who says hes the chosen one that will lead the way and destroy business's plans to end the world as we know it. how will he do this? well we learn later on that theres a bunch of worlds like space land and western land and everyone interacted with each other and built all kind of crazy stuff. but then business came in and hated all this "chaos" so he stuck all these lands behind walls, but now that he found the mystical articaft known as the "kragle" (its just Krazy Glue) he will stick everything in place so everything is all nice and neat. so emmett must stop him with the help of batmand and the other 2. later on joins a 80's sci-fi spaceman and other people. a bunch of stuff happens until the end where emmett falls down business's giant tower and falls into the real world! yes turns out all the movie so far was nothing but a kid's fantasy. however it dosent end here. turns out the kid's dad owns all the legos and is basicly business. now after emmett is returned back into the lego world he has a very interesting speech with the bad guy actually being his dad and how he dosent need to be the bad guy and after on they hug and thats where i cry. i cried because me and my father arent very close and what i saw truly reminded me of me and my dad in a way i cant really comprehend and it made me stop and pounder. what about this movie made me like it so much? honestly, everything! there was not one part where i felt it was out of place or where the actors werent credible. the stopmotion of the movie was really well done except for a part in the ocean where the waves move at 10 FPS but except for that, this movie was just perfect in capturing what it was like to be a kid and invent a world of fantasy. where you would see a world truly to your own and really i think this movie is worth to see it atleast once. weirdly enough i would say an adult or a teen could like it much more than a kid could because this movie shows so much nostalgia for this demographic wich i guess explains its explosion on the internet (albeit short one) all in all this movie was great and both the lego characters and real life ones were very likable and well written even if we only knew the real life characters for a fraction of the movie it was a great reveal wich i think is great.

and so after this wall of text i can safely say that this movie is a great one not only for kids but for everyone who ever had a childhood and for this, i give this movie my Greatness seal of aprooval
thank you everyone this was mickio, signing out and wishing you all a good night.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Rusty's real deal baseball: a full review

so i tought you guys might like some content and since making a tulpa is a slow process i tought id review a game from Nintendo that's actually interesting.

now first up id like to say i don't love Nintendo. its a company they make business and part of that is recycling the Mario bros franchise until the "new" adjective because brown and rusted.
speaking of rust. Rusty's real deal baseball is a game i did not see becoming big, i saw the Nintendo direct and was like (yea I'm not buying that idea) and then i got the game...and i ended up buying all 10 games.

so the game itself now. so in the start your introduced to Rusty Slugger a 56 year old (in human years) dog who used to be a baseball "all-star" and decided to retire and open a sports shop. the problem is he isn't making any profit because (all kids play video games and stay inside nowadays) which is for the most part true. so he decide to contact the game company "Nontendo" to make 10 baseball games for him to sell. and so he gives you a "nontendo 4DS" and a demo game which you play. and then stuff gets interesting because playing these minigames gives you items and donuts which you then use to haggle with rusty so he can give you a discount on games. all the games are 4 bucks but they can all be haggled to a lower price.

haggling is surprisingly fun and part of the fun of the game is haggling with rusty and playing the minigames. as you buy the games rusty a story advances about him and his 10 kids and his wife who left him...and also rapidly growing nose hair.

surprisingly i ended up buying all of them and this game is very sneaky about it as buying a game really feels great since you've worked for that price. the games are very well polished all about Baseball (duh) and such.
i don't really see a lot of problems with the game honestly...usually I'm quite cynical but its hard to pin-point something i hate. the only thing that could make the game better would be maybe being able to play actual baseball! at the end you can come back and talk about rusty and how his kids are starting a baseball team and how awesome would it be to be able to play against his team? but i digress.

the game is fun but the big mechanic i like is how purchases are handled. your not forced to buy all the games and you can just buy 1,2,5,10 and be happy with it. since all games have a infinite derby A and B its infinitely replayable kinda like a small baseball-themed arcade!
another thing i like is the feeling of going to a real game shop it gives me. each purchase is give to you into a bag you bring home and then you open up the game boxes. something that would have made it even better is if you played a certain cartridge long enough it would start slowly degrading showing how much you've played it.

but yea, Rusty's real deal baseball IS the real deal and i give it 4 paws up!
trust me this game is indeed, legit.

this was mickio tanerdum, signing out.

Friday, February 28, 2014

tulpa time 1

so i said on my twitter account a while ago that i was gonna post about tulpas. so i started doing a bit of research and such and i started thinking creating one myself and so i did!
...wich is what i would say if making a tulpa wasnt so long to create!
so instead of making one big post about it, i decided to make a bunch of articles about the creation of my tulpa. now im sure this has been done before but the thing is, im lazy. incredibly incredibly ungodly lazy. this is the main reason why i rarely update this blog but nevermind.

so you may ask yourself: "what the fuck is a tulpa dude? do i look like i have time to use google?" of course not! so whats a tulpa? a tulpa is basicly turning your sub-conscious into a person. a person wich can only be seen why the creator and comes directly to his mind.
Now for the bigger idea. a tulpa is a very long process of creating something akin to an imaginary friend. however an imaginary friend is nothing more than a mental puppet. it does what you want it to do and change into whatever the fuck you want and can be made in 3 minutes max. however a tulpa takes a long time to create and once created good luck making him go away or change his appearance. a tulpa is very useful as it not only acts as a very close friend but also its pretty good to help you remember stuff your conscious self is being a dick about and making you forget it.

now to my creation process now. so the first thing i did was write a bunch of traits and suchs on my tablet and then never going back at it again because im lazy as i said earlier. so after i created a body and name and overall personality (BTW her name is Dawn) i started talking to her and trying to make her appear in real life or as some call it "imposing a tulpa to reality" so far its not going so well but another thing ive tried doing is doing stuff with her in a "wonderland" a wonderlan is a world created in your head where you and your tulpa can do anything you want. first i wanted to do my fantasy where i kill a bunch of monsters with a katana like a badass but she wasnt so much in violence (so yea shes a bit self-aware i guess) the problem is i usually do this when coming back and going to work by the bus. wich means in the morning and end of the day where im mostly tired so usually i close my eyes and think about it but i end up sleeping or dozing off what i wanted to do with her. so far its going so well and she cant talk yet. im not parroting atleast not trying to and honestly im not 100% what im doing is supposed to work or not but ill keep you guys updated and ill try and make her write once shes all self-aware and shit.

so yea thats all for now gals and guys and good night everyone,
Mickio Tanerdum

Friday, January 10, 2014

Well that was anti-climactic.

so last time i published a post it was about weird happenings where i live. and i discovered roommate and my neighbor decided to fuck with me. after a week of making things weird i was getting quite scared and sporatic when alone (wich is all the time since, as i said my rommate sleeps and then goes doing i dont know what (one time i went into his room see if my cellphone was there i swear i tought his clothes were made part of alcohol from the stench of that place so my guess is he clubs all day and night) anywho after all the fucking around i went to bed slightly scared as i am incredibly...not gullible but i get scared easily. and influenced to be scared easily. and when i went into  my bed guess who was there? my roommate hiding under my bed and then proceeded to come out of it dressed like jeff the killer hoodie knife and everything. aand well....i went apeshit. i screamed so loud i think you dear reader might have heard it. i then proceeded to try and run away when my mother fucking neighbor came inside dressed as (watch out for the orginilaty) the slenderman just standing there. then i realised i was being tricked and decided to well... grab slender's head, remove his mask and give him a noogie saying something like "gotcha now fucker uh?" and then i realised my roomate was still there and this. THIS motherfucker aint gonna get out there alive "figuratively" so i ran back and tackled him onto my bed (luckily his knife was a fake prop) and proceeded to bitch slap him a few times with his rubber knife. the brain can trigger a fight or flight response and after the flight trigger was passed and i realised i was looking like a fool and went in fight mode and show them we DO NOT scare me! mostly because my brain goes apeshit when im scared... so after this we called pizza and im now thinking of a better vengence than just hurting them a bit...if you got any ideas just left a comment.

on another note i will also do another "history of creepypasta" since you guys seems to like them. so leave suggenstions on wich myth i should speak of next! until next time. see you :3

Monday, January 6, 2014

weird happenings...

ok so big news i actually made a post without waiting 2 months!

sadly im not bringing the history of something nor am i rambling or helping someone...

it seems since my slenderman "thing" weird stuff is happening. not really corelated to the slenderman himself but stalking in general. i keep feeling like something's watching me and i seem to always have this unverved feeling when im alone (wich is almost all the time since i live in a small apartment with a roomate who i only see in the middle of the night when he sleeps) you could just say (even i did) that im just imaginating things because the article i wrote...well yea but the thing is other stuff has been happening. such as a lot of my electronics not working for 15 minutes and then starting (things like my computer, 3ds, playstation even my microwave!) i also think a few things are changing places but i think that might be my roomate just pulling a prank on me or doing weird shit when he's sleeping.

as i was writing this i went to sleep in the middle of writing it and when i woke up the next morning i swear i saw something for a split second on my screen when i woke it up... tough this is probably me going crazy plus just waking up... note the abrupt ending on my last post was a joke for those wondering but anyway ill see if i can get you guys (and gals!) updated if something else happens.